So you like to refinish furniture? How about a house

I’ve always loved old stuff. Lanterns, historical fiction, furniture in need of refinishing, ancient dilapidated homes with subtle hints of bygone character. You may have read my post A little family history, reclaimed and restored, in which I described the refinishing process for my grandmother’s kitchen table. It was a fun side project but now, I’ve graduated to something much much larger….

This behemoth is my grandfather’s home. The original homestead that was built by my great-great grandfather, for my great grandfather’s family, where my grandfather and father and aunt grew up. It needs…just a touch of work. Or, as my father-in-law Paul said,

“It would look better torn down.”

The home was bequeathed to me with a promise that I would not tear it down or sell it. So, therefore, I get a crash course in DIY home renovation.

It’s been power washed, next came scraping, and hopefully paint before the temperatures dip below freezing. More updates and photos to follow. Oh, I also need to figure out how to install some windows, call an electrician, a plumber….

But, look at the beautiful NEW roof! One part down, a million more to go.