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Welcome to A Few Shades Greener, I’m Sara and this serves as a blog about my life on the farm and a site for information about our family farm stand. My husband is a traditional farmer, I am not. I love pumpkins, especially the really funky weird ones that are SO hard to find. I’ve grown pumpkins in our garden since 2011 for myself but in 2017 I convinced my husband to let me plant a few acres to these funky pumpkins. But because my farmer husband got involved, professional planting methods were applied. Fertilizer was added. Weeding and hoeing in the incredibly humid Indiana summer occurred. Huge pumpkin plants took over. To his amazement, people loved them and I was approved to move our pumpkin operation to the farm next to our house for 2018. We added produce. We built a farm stand. In 2019 we’ve added even more funky pumpkins and new varieties of sweet corn and flowers. We hope you can stop by!

A Few Shades Greener chronicles a life that might not always be green, but is hopefully a few shades greener than before.